This playbook outlines all the steps needed to set your studio up for success!

It's broken down into five sections:

Step 1: Business settings

Step 2: Class schedule, video on-demand library, pricing packages

Step 3: Privates, communities, marketing tools (referrals and promo codes), add to your website

Step 4: Team/Instructor Training, Payroll, and Customer FAQs

Step 5: Transfer from current software and notify clients (if relevant)

While you're getting set up, feel free to live-chat the team with any technical questions directly from your dashboard - using the dark blue chat icon in the bottom right corner. We're happy to help!

Step 1: Business Settings, Integrations, Adding Instructors:

  1. SETTINGS --> Integrations

    1. Stripe: Connect (or create) Stripe account

      1. READ: Set up Stripe best practices

    2. Zoom: Connect Zoom account for live-streaming classes

      1. Zoom management for multiple instructors

      2. Auto-recording, meeting passwords & waiting rooms

  2. SETTINGS--> Business Settings

  3. PEOPLE--> Add Instructors

    1. Add instructors, set permissions, create pay-rates

Step 2: Class schedule, video library, pricing packages

  1. GROUP CLASSES--> Class Types

    1. Create class and offer templates

  2. GROUP CLASSES --> My Schedule

    1. Add Group Class

  3. ON-DEMAND --> Build a Video library



Step 3: Privates, communities, & marketing

  1. Offer Private Sessions

  2. Build a Community (course, program, retreat etc.)

    • Course

    • Program

    • Retreat

    • Membership Club

    • E-book

  3. Marketing

  4. Launch! Add arketa to your Website

  5. Reports - diving deeper into date

Step 4: Team/Instructor Training and Customer FAQs

  1. Behind the Desk - Frequently asked questions!

  2. Team + Studio Help Center

  3. Set up payroll

Step 5: Transfer from current software and notify clients (if relevant)

  1. Transfer overview with Stripe ID

  2. Bringing videos over from Vimeo

  3. What to email your students when you transfer

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