Scheduling Windows + Cancellation Policy

How far in advance or how close to the start time that students can book + cancellation policies

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You can now customize your schedule settings with specific booking windows. These windows impact how far in advance students can book and when class registration closes. You can also now build cancellation policies based on the service type.

What scheduling policies are

  1. Booking opens: how soon before a class starts can a student book. When booking isn't open the class can be viewed, but it will not be open for booking.

  2. Booking closes: set the amount of time before a class that booking will close to prevent last minute sign us

  3. Cancel closes: how far in advance can a student cancel and receive a refund

How to edit your scheduling windows

  1. Go to settings tab

  2. In the top section of the page, click on the button that says "Schedule Windows"

  3. Type in your desired policies in the fields pictured below No need to click save!

Please Note: Negative booking windows indicate that the close window is after class starts. For example: -15 means a student can book and join class through 9:15am for a class that starts at 9:00am.

Default scheduling policies

By default your schedule policy settings are the following. They can be found in your dashboard under Settings --> General

Classes, events + workshops

  • Booking opens 90 days in advance

  • Booking closes -15, which means 15 minutes after class starts

  • Cancel closes - by default it's 0 unless (which means the student is unable to cancel)

Private booking default policies

  • Booking opens 90 days in advance

  • Booking closes 48 hours in advance

  • Cancel closes - your global cancellation policy as listed in your settings

Please Note: These global settings are applied to any new class template that is added unless otherwise defined.

Commonly Asked Questions

What happens if a client tries to book after it closes or beyond my cancellation policy?

If booking closes they'll receive a pop up for you to enroll them. The student can reach out via email and ask to join. If you agree, you can add the student to the class from your dashboard.

Where does the list of services come from?

These services are being pulled from your templates. You can find these templates from the home page of your dashboard.

How do I create a new service template?

Check out this video on creating templates.

What happens if I have a private class that is also livestream or in-person class?

All private classes regardless of being livestream or in-person will be in the private policy under Private.

What happens if I change a schedule window after Iv'e added the class?

Adjusting a schedule window will impact all classes you've already scheduled using that template.

Pro-tip ๐Ÿ’ก

What if the location of the class moves from In-Person to Livestream or vice versa?

We ask that you create a new class so that your booking windows can update too!

  1. Go to Class Templates on the home screen

  2. Duplicate the original class template and change the new location

    For example, if you have a Yin Yoga template with the location Zoom, duplicate it to have a second Yin Yoga template with the location In-Person.

  3. Schedule the class again using the template with the correct new location

    (don't delete the old class just yet).

  4. Manually add all of the students who previously booked your class into the new class.

    • Add your drop-ins for free

    • And students who used packages/memberships by pulling from their account

  5. Tap into the old class and remove everyone by clicking on the trash can

    • For drop-ins "remove without a no-refund"

    • Packages "return the class to the pack"

    • Nothing for memberships

  6. Your students will automatically get a confirmation email with the new class and details that the class has changed locations

  7. Update scheduling windows for this template with any preferred settings

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