Set Up Automated Late Cancel No Show

Automatically track and large late cancels and no whoss

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As a business owner, you can now set up automatic charging for late cancellations and no-shows. Automating the penalty charging process eliminates the need for manual intervention. It saves time and resources that can be redirected toward bigger and better things ⭐️

  1. Go to Settings --> No Show/Late Cancel Fees

  2. Add New Policy

  3. Fill out the details about your policy and click "save changes"

  4. Each day you will receive an email with the list of customers who are going to be automatically charged

  5. Customers will be charged every day at 12pm ET

  6. If you would like to waive customers or charge them before the automatic penalty you can do so in reports --> late cancel no show




What is this penalty for

Late Cancel

No Show

Allows you to collect data based on penalty type

Services applied to

All Classes

Livestream Classes

In-Person Classes

Private Sessions

Allows you to choose if the penalty applies to all services or specific services

Specific packages and subscriptions

5 Package

10 Package

VIP Membership

Standard Membership

By default, the penalty applies to all pricing options. This allows you to charge a penalty based on the pricing option.

Specific class types

Yoga Flow 60

Yoga Flow 45

Special Soundbath

By default, the penalty applies to all class types. This allows you to charge a penalty based on the class template.

Specific locations

Downtown Location

Uptown Location

Highlands Location

By default, the policy applies to all locations. You can choose specific locations each policy applies to be more specific.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to not charge for a late cancel and simply have the customer lose the item on the package

You can do this. Simply update your booking windows and the package will not be refunded upon late cancel.

If I manually waive or charge a customer before the system automatically charges them, will it charge them twice?

No, it will not! The system will recognize this and not charge them twice.

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