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Arketa Onboarding

Setting things up for the first time? Use this section to set up.

17 articles
Group Classes, Events and Livestream

Managing Set up in-person classes events + more!

36 articles
On-Demand Video

Create a beautiful on-demand library that plays directly inside of your website!

23 articles
Appointments and Private Scheduling

Teaching 1x1 or offering consulting/nutrition services, this is for you!

17 articles
Pricing Options

Packages, subscriptions intro offers and custom pricing options

26 articles
Client Management and Loyalty

Learn how to view history and manage payment options for clients.

51 articles
Retail and Ecommerce

Offer physical products to you customers as an additional stream of revenue

6 articles
Point of Sale and Payments

Learn how to use Arketa's point of sale

10 articles

Promo codes, gift cards + testimonials

21 articles
Email Marketing, Forms and Workflows (Add-On)

Automate email campaigns to convert more clients

9 articles
The Arketa Inbox - Two Way Texting (Add-On)

Organize all of your communications for sales and support in one place.

2 articles
Reporting and Analytics

Learn more about the performance of your business

7 articles
Team Management and Payroll

Learn how to add team members and set up payroll reporting

15 articles
Add On: Branded Mobile App

Have a branded mobile app? These FAQs are for you!

10 articles
Misc. FAQs
18 articles
Settings + Integrations

Explore the various configuration options and integrative capabilities to tailor your experience and enhance functionality.

22 articles
8 articles