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Reserve with Google Integration
Reserve with Google Integration

With Arketa customers can now book directly with Google

Updated over a week ago

Reserve with Google is a feature that allows users to book services directly through Google Search, Google Maps, and other Google platforms. It's designed to streamline the booking process for various services and drive you more traffic! Arketa is now partnering with Google to enhance your booking experience.

Google will only support businesses that have a physical address. We recommend either using your studio address or a PO box to maximize your real estate on Google.

Why does my business not display when I google it?

  • You have not registered your business with Google business

  • You do not have a physical address tied to your reservation

  • Your Arketa business name does not match your Google listing

Something else seem weird? Send us a live chat!

The Benefits for Integrating with Reserve with Google

Enhanced Visibility:

Integration with Reserve with Google boosts visibility in search results, making fitness services easily discoverable.

Smooth Booking + Video Watching Process:

Streamlined, direct booking through Google platforms improves the user experience and increases conversion rates.

Reviews and Ratings next to your bookings:

Displaying positive reviews and ratings builds trust and attracts more users to book your service.

What should it look like when I search for my name on Google?

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