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Google Calendar Integration

Integrate scheduling with Google!

Updated over a week ago

Sync your arketa schedule with your personal or business Google calendar to keep all your appointments in one place!

Currently arketa has the ability to sync with Google Calendar and is a one way sync. This means that everything you schedule in arketa ie. group classes, privates, community events will pull into the Google calendar of your choosing.

***we do not pull in any data from your Google Calendar back to arketa.

How to Sync

  1. Tap Enable next to the Google Calendar section

3. Log into your Google account provider

4. Accept permissions and click "continue" to connect the two apps.

4. Select primary calendar you'd like to integrate to arketa.

5. Be sure the calendar selected in your arketa is actively showing in your Google Calendar. You can find that in the bottom right of your calendar, be sure the calendar selected is checked:

6. Any new group class or private added to arketa will now show up on your schedule!

  • Only future classes added onto arketa will sync with the system

  • All classes, events workshops and privates will appear

  • All events in the future will appear on your Calendar

  • By default, all information including names of events on your third-party calendar that sync into Scheduling will be visible others. If you would like to hide titles of synced events from others, check the box for Hide event title and only show "Busy" to other users on your Google Calendar settings.

Coming soon: sync your previous classes scheduled with Google calendar!

Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I don't see an event from arketa on my Google calendar

If you're not seeing classes or privates show up on Google Calendar, ensure that you are viewing the correct calendar. You can find the calendar that is connected under settings --> integrations.

The second thing to make sure is that you added the classes after integration. Please note any classes added before the integration will not appear just yet on your calendar.

I don't see a time I blocked off on my Google calendar blocked off on arketa

We currently do not sync any information from Google calendar back to arketa. If you would like to block off time you can update your private availability in your scheduling settings or use the overrides feature.

Do you sync with other providers such as iCloud and Outlook

We currently only integrate with Google Calendar but great news is that most other providers integrate with Google Mail so you may be able to integrate the two and then sync up to arketa from there.

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