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Create and manage livestream Classes
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How to connect Arketa to Zoom

  1. Tap on Connect to Zoom

  2. Sign in and authorize your account

Turn on recordings to upload the videos automatically

In the settings above you can check the box to automatically upload your Zoom recordings to your video library.

How to set up livestream class

With Arketa you can livestream via Zoom or another 3rd party provider.

  1. Add a class by going to Full Schedule and tapping on Add Class. You can learn more about adding a class here.

  2. Select Virtual for location

  3. Choose either our Zoom Integration or Livestream Link for the class

  4. Choose Zoom Integration if you want Arketa to auto-magically create a unique class link for class.

  5. Choose Livestream link if you are are using another 3rd party provider or you want to use a specific Zoom link

6. Finish creating the class and click Save Class

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Zoom integration work

Arketa has a direct integration with Zoom. If you would like Arketa to auto-magically create you class links, we recommend you can connect your Arketa to Zoom. These meetings will also show up in your Zoom account when they have been created.

When using the Zoom integration, Zoom classes are created 24 hours prior to the start of class. You will only see the classes in your Zoom account 24 hour prior to class time.

Ensure your Zoom settings are configured how you'd like them before creating a class. When you add a class on Arketa, we pull your current Zoom settings to create that class.


Can I open the class via Zoom

Yes, you can open the class via Zoom or your dashboard, however we recommend starting class from your Arketa dashboard.

Can I simply just copy + paste Zoom links

Sure! Feel free to copy the same Zoom link for each class if you'd like to use your own, just make sure to choose the Livestream Link option.

Can I add another link of choice

Yes! Feel free to put in any 3rd party link, just make sure to choose the Livestream Link option.

Do you support multiple Zoom accounts

Yes, send us a live chat to help set this up.

Can I use the link for an Demand Video?

Yes, you can add an on-demand link if you'd like clients to sign up to watch a video at a later date. Just make sure the video is free!

How do my clients access the link

Clients receive Zoom links for class via both the confirmation email and reminder email. They can also find the Zoom link in their account profile in the upper right hand corner of every widget.

  1. Class booking confirmation screen

Once you sign up for class, you will receive the link on the screen. This is great for last minute sign ups.

2. Confirmation and reminder email

The link will also be included in the confirmation email with the option to add to your calendar.

And you'll receive a reminder email 45 minutes before class including the link/location of the class

3. The bookings tab of your instructors link or website

4. The instructor's schedule

Tap view to see your class reservation details.

Note: If the button says Sign-Up this means that you will need to login in the upper right hand corner!

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