How to create and manage class types
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What is a service

A service type refers to the different styles or practices offered at your business. Arketa splits up these types by Classes, Appointments and Events and also allows you to build categories of services to make them easier to search and find.

Building out a service allows you to quickly schedule all of your classes and privates in a faster and more seamless way.

One you add a service type, you can schedule out a class or private session from the Classes tab of your dashboard.

What does each column mean on the table


Name of the service


Active - the service has scheduled classes

Inactive - the service does not have scheduled classes

Ending on X/XX - date the service runs until


The service category (yoga, pilates or group classes, workshops etc.)


All eligible instructors who teach that class


# of locations the class is taught at


How many instances of that class are scheduled


Action sheet to schedule, duplicate, edit and delete services

How to add a category

  1. Tap New Category in the upper right hand corner.

  2. Type in the category name and click save changes

How to add a service type

  1. Tap New Class Type

  2. Add the following fields for your service and click save changes.

    1. Name The name of the class

    2. Description A short description on what this service includes

    3. Experience type: Class, Appointment, Event: Where you would like the service to appear on your offerings

    4. Category: How you would like to organize this class. i.e if you have 5 yoga classes and 3 pilates classes you may do categories by class type.

    5. Format: In - Person, Virtual: Location of the class

      1. In-Person: Permanet location or popup

      2. Virtual: Zoom integration or livestream link

    6. Pricing Option: How much a single class costs

    7. Who can see this class: If you'd like to make the class public or private

    8. Duration: Length of class in minutes

    9. Capacity: How many students can register for class

    10. Buffer Time (For privates only): Time you would like in between sessions

    11. Location(s): Which locations offer this class

    12. Available rooms: Which rooms this class is taught in

    13. Eligible team members: How many team members can teach this class

    14. Checkout confirmation: Checkout confirmation page for class

    15. Preview Image: Image for class sent in your confirmation emails

    16. Class filters: Collect information if this template becomes a video

      1. Workout types

      2. Area of focus

      3. Intensity

      4. Equipment

How to Manage Service Types


Deletes the service. Keep in mind deleting a service template does not erase any classes in which the service is scheduled.


Allows you to duplicate the instance


Tap this icon to edit any information about the service. Editing the service will edit any classes already scheduled using this service.

Schedule classes

Allows you to schedule specific dates/times that this service is offered.

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