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How to create and manage recurring classes
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What is a scheduled class

A scheduled class is any class that you have scheduled out to be offered to your customers. You can find all of these instances by tapping on any class type in Setup --> Service Types. The classes are filtered by

Active All classes schedule for the future

Past All classes offered in the past

Cancelled All cancelled classes

What does each column mean on the table

In the table above, you can search and filter the table to easily find instances of the class.

Date Range

The dates this class is offered. If there is an infinite sign it means that the class is scheduled forever. The camera icon means that the class is livestream.


Days of the week the class is offered.


When the class starts and ends


Which instructors are set to teach that class


The location the classes are offered at


How many classes are scheduled of each type

How to mass edit all classes for scheduled classes

You can tap the .. next to a group of classes to mass edit, delete and cancel all classes of a specific class type. You can edit the following details of a class:

  1. Location

  2. Start time

  3. Duration

  4. Instructor

Keep in mind editing these classes will modify all instances of the class. If you would like to only edit specific instances of the class you can tap into the recurring class instance to see each schedule class and make specific modifications.

How to mass delete scheduled classes

  1. Tap on the trash can icon above

  2. If customers are already scheduled for the class you can choose to automatically refund them and they will be notified that the class was removed from the schedule and they have been refunded. Note: we recommend cancelling a class for students who have already registered please see below.

How to mass cancel scheduled classes

  1. Tap on the circle icon above

  2. Write a note to customers (optional) as to why you have cancelled class

  3. Refund customers if you would like to do this en mass. They will be notified via email of the change.

How to edit a select group of classes in a recurring instance

If you are looking to find all scheduled classes of a class type and modify 2-3 classes, let's say you are going out of town for 2 weeks or want to flip out a sub for 7 of the 14 classes simply tap into the table to see all instances.

To mass cancel or delete multiple classes

Check the blue box next to the class and tap on Cancel selected or Delete selected buttons.

To edit a single class

  1. Tap the edit icon next to the class

  2. Update anything you'd like about the class and then click on "Save Class"

FAQs ๐Ÿ’ก

I've scheduled a class into infinity and would like to add an end date, how can I do that?

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