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Anatomy of a Confirmation Email
Updated over a week ago

When clients book a class or session with you, they receive an automatic confirmation email from Arketa. There are three main pieces of each confirmation email that pull from different places in your dashboard.

Note: Editing a confirmation email will impact all previously scheduled classes built with this template.

Portion 1 - Class Details

The top portion of the confirmation email includes the following information:

  • Name of class

  • Instructor

  • Date and Time (shown in client's timezone)

  • Photo (if added to class template)

  • Map to location OR link if livestream - note that link will be blank if using the direct zoom integration until 24hrs before class and will be included in the reminder email

  • Option to add to calendar

This information is pulled directly from the class you've scheduled in your dashboard.

Portion 2 - How To Prepare

This second portion of the confirmation email pulls copy that you input into the class template Confirmation Email, which is editable in your dashboard under Settings --> Confirmation Emails.

Portion 3 - Referral Program

If you have set up and enabled a referral program (found in your dashboard under Marketing --> Referrals) this will populate in this section with the code and link directly to the client's referral code, referral link, and how to redeem.

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