Transferring students over to Arketa

Moving over current students/subscribers over to Arketa

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Importing Members

If you would like to move over members with existing packages + subscriptions, we are happy to help out. Chat us via the black bubble in the bottom right of our website.

  1. Please connect your Stripe account in your Dashboard Settings

  2. We will send you a spreadsheet to fill in with your ACTIVE member's information below. Please note: We can only transfer clients with active class packs or subscriptions.

First Name

Name of client

Last Name

Name of client


Email of the client (check for typos)

Arketa Package Name

Name of the package as seen in your Arketa Dashboard

Expiration / Renewal Date (if subscription)

The date in which the subscription will renew

Classes Remaining (if class pack)

Number of classes remaining in package (unlimited if subscription)

Stripe Customer ID (if coming from Stripe)

Information from your existing Stripe account

3. Let us know when you'd like to go live! Please allow 24 hours after the spreadsheet has been completely filled out for our team to make the transfer. (Custom account transfers take ~ 1 week)

Please ensure in the "Arketa Package Name" column you write the name exactly how you have it on the Arketa dashboard.

Here's an example of what the Stripe customer ID looks like: cus_IxqJxIvMWY4K2U if transferring from a system that uses Stripe.

Common Questions

Why am I providing my Customer ID from Stripe?

If members currently have their payment information stored in your Stripe payment gateway, we transition them over so they will not have to enter their credit card information again.

What about my clients without packages/subscriptions?

We only transfer clients with existing packages/subscriptions. We recommend using another client email tool, like Mailchimp, to keep track of your client information for newsletters & updates. As students start to book classes and buy packages they will show up in your client list within Arketa

How do I find my Stripe customer IDs?

How to access your Stripe ID as the account owner:

2) Log in to your Stripe account

3) Click the person icon in the upper right corner--> click on profile ---> scroll down to Accounts to view ID

2) Export the customer list to CSV

3) Column names should be "id" and "email" for us to transfer customers

I'm transferring from Vimeo, Glofox, or Mindbody. Where's my customer information?

These platforms use Stripe "Custom" accounts in which the client information is hidden, however, we can still transfer this client information over Arketa!

  1. Please create a new Stripe and connect it to Arketa

  2. Email your contact at your old platform and say "I'd like to migrate my customer information to a new Stripe account" -- cc on the email to provide the new Stripe Account ID. You can find your account ID in your Account and Profile settings.

  3. Your old platform will connect us with the Stripe Migrations Team to manage the transfer. Assuming all goes well, this process should take ~ 1 week to complete

  4. Once the transfer is complete you will want to cancel client subscriptions on your former platform so they only have one active subscription

  5. Here are email template to send your clients: What to email your students when you transfer

How will I know if the transfer sheet is ready to go?

  • The arketa team will check for the following:

    • Client name and email filled in

    • If subscription: is there a matching subscription created in your arketa dashboard and is there a clear renewal date listed on the transfer sheet? (mm/dd/yy)

    • If class packages: is there a matching class package created in your arketa dashboard and is there a clear expiration date, with the remaining classes listed on the transfer sheet? (mm/dd/yy)

    • Stripe IDs connect to a stripe account with credit card information

When will arketa complete the transfer and how will you notify us?

  • All transfers are complete Monday-Thursday evening PST.

  • Once the transfer form has been shared and reviewed by the tech team, you'll be notified of the timeline (typically 24-48 hours for transfer).

  • You'll receive an email confirmation with the next steps ONCE the transfer is complete!

What do we do about people who make purchases on the days during the transfer?

  • Keep track of any sign-ups, packages purchased, and new subscriptions that happen during the period mid-transfer (should be no more than 1-2 days) and then review how to create new accounts/remove class packs and create new subscriptions here!

Have clients who are already signed up for future classes (that you plan to host on arketa) and not via your previous platform? What is the best way to put them back into classes w/o messing up their class credits?

  • No problem! You can re-book clients into scheduled classes by adding them to each class (for free - if they were already charged on your old platform).

  • Make sure the zoom link for that class is listed as the same link if they signed up on another platform.

  • Add them *for free (since they were already charged). Then tap into the client profile and edit their remaining class packs (pencil icon next to the client's class packages)


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