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How to share classes and direct links for class
How to share classes and direct links for class
Updated over a week ago

Classes can be shared via a few places in Arketa.

1. Direct link to class

You can find the direct link to any class by tapping on the Full Schedule and tapping on the ... under ACTIONS. The "Checkout URL" will take you directly to the class link which is great for email campaigns, social media and ads.

2. Your schedule via web

You can either link directly to your group class schedule or embed Arketa directly inside of your website using the Sales Channels --> Website Integration tab. Choose your own colors and fonts and either use the schedule widget below or embed it inside of your website. It's that easy!

3. Your branded mobile app (optional)

If you own an Arketa branded app all of your classes will display directly inside of the mobile application. You can turn this on in your mobile app settings here.

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