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Communities Examples

See all the different types of digital bundles and online programs you can build within Communities!

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Communities are a powerful tool within the arketa dashboard designed to help you engage + retain clients and create additional revenue streams!

Communities can include the following:

  1. A live schedule: for classes (in-person or via Zoom)

  2. On-demand videos: recorded for community access only - OR make your existing on-demand videos available for this community

  3. Resources: PDFs, links to websites, audio files, or additional recordings

  4. Community Forum: A space for community members to ask questions or post updates

Examples of communities highlighted below:

  1. E-book

  2. 7-Day Challenge

  3. Corporate Programming

  4. Online Course

    1. A course with a live schedule (as well as on-demand videos and resources)

    2. Self-guided course with only on-demand videos and resources

  5. Teacher Training

1. E-Book

E-Book Landing Page

You can include the e-book within a membership or create the item as a-la-carte

E-Book Landing Page

Once inside the community: they will be directed to download the e-book directly from your site.

Once the customer purchases the e-book they will be directed to download the e-book

The customer can click download file and the e-book will download directly to their computer.

Click on Download File

2. A 7-Day Challenge

The landing page for the 7-day challenge can be embedded directly into your website:

Once inside the community: they will be directed to schedule, on-demand library, resources, and community forum (if you've activated the comments within the community settings).

3. Corporate Programming

The landing page for the corporate partner can be embedded directly into your website or shared as a direct link with the employer/organization. This is set up as promo code access only.

Once inside the community: when the customer joins via promo code they will be directed to schedule, on-demand library, resources:

4. Online Course

View 1: An online course with a live schedule component

Click on View

This landing page will prompt your students to log in (if they already have access) or checkout:

Click on $34.99

Once inside the community:

This course has a schedule (for the live group sessions), an on-demand library, and a list of resources with links and downloadable PDFs.

Note: These resources are sorted by CATEGORY - organized by WEEK 1, WEEK 2, and so can create custom categories to match your program!

Online Course View 2: An evergreen online course with no live schedule - only on-demand videos and resources.

This is a playlist view for sequentially ordered videos with downloadable PDFs listed under resources beneath the video:

5. Teacher Training

You can create a link to the landing page or embed it directly into your website.

Now offer students the option for a payment plan (with automated recurring charges) and a pay-in-full option at checkout:

Once inside the community, the student will see the (1) live schedule of classes, (2) the on-demand content for training (and from pre-recorded classes), and (3) resources such as PDFs, audio files, and links. You can also add a (4) community forum so the students can comment or ask questions!

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