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Build a Community or Program
Build a Community or Program

Learn how to build a community to increase revenue and keep your customers engaged.

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  1. How to Create A Community

From the communities tab

  1. Click Add New

  2. Click Start from one of the options listed

  3. Add your information to the sales page and click on Save Changes

    1. The top row: 30-day challenge, virtual event series, and membership community all include: (1) live schedule (2) on-demand videos (3) PDF resources (4) optional: community forum

    2. The Digital program bundle has (1) on-demand videos and (2) PDF resources (3) optional: community forum

    3. Digital Program (playlist view): ONLY on-demand videos (with the option to attach PDFs to specific videos

    4. Digital Download: ONLY PDF resources (no videos or live schedule)

2. General Settings for your community

Status = LIVE

The community is available to purchase

Status = Deleted

The community is not available for purchase but anyone who has already purchased it will still have access to the community

Quick actions = Duplicate

Duplicating a program will pull over all of the information about the program such as the title, photo description, etc. It will not duplicate any of the content inside of the program.

3. Pricing for your community

One Time Payment: Unlocks the community forever unless there is a specific start date + end date (which can be found in settings)

Subscription only: This community is only available to subscription members. Click here to attach a community for members.

Promo code access: Community only available via promo code. This is great for corporate use cases.

Rental community: Community is available for a set number of days

Paid for non-members and free for subscribers:

  1. Add a one time payment option

  2. Include the community for subscription members

Payment Installments: Click here to learn more.

4. Optional: Advanced Settings for your community

Bulletin Board: Allows you to display a bulletin board to any community members. Display quick updates a welcome message deep links to community groups such as Facebook and more.

Confirmation Email: Triggers a custom confirmation email upon purchase of the community.

Start Date, End Date: Restricts community access between these dates. Any community set to end in 2026 will be open forever.

Bonus Items Included: Allows you to integrate any other services as a part of the community. So you can include your public schedule of classes and your on-demand library content!

List public offerings: Displays any live classes and content inside of the community portal that were added as bonus items.

Availability - Visibility: Launches the community on your communities page.

Availability - Status: Allows new students to purchase community. If Status = CLOSED it will display on your communities list but will not allow new students to enroll.

Private: Hides the community from displaying on your community embed.

5. Publish/Embed your community

Make sure status = LIVE. You can update this in the settings tab of your community.

  1. Direct purchase link

2. Embed single community

From the settings tab of your community.

3. Embed all of your active communities under sales channels > website integration

Note: This embed is where your students will both purchase + access the community.

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