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How to build subscriptions
How to build subscriptions

Building subscriptions are a GREAT option for clients to stay engaged and create recurring revenue for your business!

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Subscriptions are any pricing option that recurs weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually. A subscription can include membership to almost any combination of Classes, On Demand videos, or Communities.

To build a subscription go to Setup > Pricing

In the upper right hand corner go to Add New > Subscription

1. Details for the client view

  • Give the subscription a name and description for clients to see on the purchase page:

  • Add a nice image to make it look sharp in the client view as well!

    (Optional but recommended)

2. Type of Subscription

You have two subscription types to choose from recurring Unlimited or a Recurring Package (class pack) which is essentially a set number of credits that are renewed at the top of each cycle.

3. Billing Frequency

You have 5 options for how often the cycle renews, weekly, monthly, every 3 months (aka quarterly), every 6 months (aka bi annually) or Yearly

4. Price

Set the price to be automatically charged at the start of each new cycle.

*Don't forget to remember the value of what you're offering when setting the price πŸ˜‰

5. Redeemable for:

Set permission access for the subscriptions! What will clients be able to access with this membership? In this example we are allowing unlimited access to all livestream class and all on demand videos.

6. Advanced Access Settings

If you don't want to give access to ALL of a particular service type you can customize a more granular package based on your programing using specific class templates and on demand categories etc.

* you can add multiples and any combination of class templates and on demand categories

7. Billing Options

  • Initial Setup fee - this is not required but is helpful for many use cases.

    • keep in mind the setup fee will be IN ADDITION to the first payment, initial setup fee is not to be used for a discount on first cycle.

  • Run auto pay - On a set schedule will keep payments occurring on the weekly, monthly yearly option you chose above. When the items run out will not auto recur but "when the credits are used"

  • When will clients first be billed - On the sale date is the most common and recommended option. This is also the most straightforward client experience. You can choose on the 1st of the month or a Specific date. Keep in mind the client will have access to the subscription immediately so if you choose 1st of month or a specific date you'll want to either 1. have a setup fee or 2. not have the class offerings available until said date

  • Number of Billing Cycles and Minimum Billing Cycles -

    Number of billing cycles can be any number cycles that is needed to complete the subscription or programing you are setting up before it auto expires. In our example we are setting up an ongoing subscription that never expires so we'll leave that blank to renew forever or until manually canceled by client or partner :)

    Minimum Billing Cycles is the number of cycles clients are committing to before they can cancel. This is communicated at the time of purchase - see client view:

  • Allow online Cancelation - you can allow clients to cancel memberships from their client profile or make it so they reach out to the business owner to cancel.

and the client view:

  • Pausing Subscriptions - the actual pausing of subscriptions would be done in the client page but here you can allow this to be an option.

    If so you can choose that the client is charged a different fee while paused, perhaps a small fee to keep them accountable and you can also allow clients to access the subscription while the subscriptions is paused or not.

8. Agreement Terms and Conditions

Be sure to take the time to communicate all the expectations and agreements that come with each particular membership to keep your clients informed!

*confirmation page is the the page the client is directed to on your website after purchase

  • Hidden - seen above - this will make the subscription hidden from your public facing pricing page. Clients can still purchase with a direct purchase link sent by the business owner as well as added manually to the client account from the dashboard.

Hot Tip πŸ”₯

  • Clients on subscriptions will be able to book classes on any date and will not be restricted to booking within each payment period

  • Subscriptions can also be intro offers which are memberships that can only be purchased one time. See below for more info on Intro Offers.

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