Pause, modify or cancel subscription
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From the client profile

How to pause / freeze subscription

  1. Click "Pause Subscription"

2. Choose if you'd like to pause "Indefinitely", "Number of cycles" or until a custom date

Note: If you select "On specific date" the customer is charged the full amount on the subsequent billing cycle after the pause end date.

3. Select the "Pause behavior" to decide if you'd like to allow the customer to use credits while their membership is paused

Please note if you have added a pause price to the subscription, the customer is charged the pause price instead of the normal rate during this period.

If a subscription is already set to cancel (for example, a set term subscription) you will have to remove the cancelation date first, and then pause the subscription.

Pause Type


Charging Behavior


Pauses the subscription forever. In order to unpause, business owner must hop in to adjust.

The customer is not charged again until un-pause.

Number of cycles

A total number of billing periods the subscription is paused.

The customer is charged again after the amount of billing cycles has lapsed.

Until a custom date

Pauses payment collection until the specified date.

The customer is charged the full amount on the subsequent billing cycle after the pause end date.

How to modify subscription price

  1. Select "Edit"

2. Modify "Amount" or "Credits remaining" and select "Save Subscription:

How to change billing date

This allows you to push back the next billing cycle and thus the client will not be charged until this date happens. This is a great alternative if you'd like to "pause until a specific date".

Do keep in mind while modified, the client will have access to their credits or the platform.

  1. Select "Change Next Billing Date"

2. Select the next date you'd like the client to be charged.

How to cancel subscription

  1. Select "Cancel Subscription"

2. Select when you'd like the subscription to cancel and click "Cancel Subscription"

Accidentally choose the wrong date in the future? You can select "Don't cancel subscription" or "Reschedule Cancellation" to update the subscription.

Once fully cancelled your client will no longer have access and the client will need to repurchase.

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