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Overview: How to add pricing options
Overview: How to add pricing options
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Understanding Pricing Options: A pricing option is a versatile tool within a fitness or wellness facility that allows you to structure and offer various payment choices to your clients. It empowers you to create a range of options tailored to different preferences and needs. These can be found in Setup --> Pricing.


Definition: A drop-in is a single class pricing option that allows clients to attend a specific session without committing to a package or membership.

Best used for: It offers flexibility for occasional participation and drawing those to other pricing options.

Class Package:

Definition: A class package is a type of pricing option that grants clients a predefined number of classes. It provides flexibility, allowing clients to choose when to attend classes while ensuring they get value for their investment.

Best used for: A limited number of classes or appointments. 5 and 10 packages are the most popular!


Definition: An invoice is a financial document generated by your business outlining the details of a purchase or service, including cost, client details, and payment instructions.

Best Used for: Providing clear transaction records and payment details to clients. Great for corporate classes, private parties or large ticket items where a client may want a written record.

Subscription / Membership:

Definition: A subscription/membership grants clients ongoing access to services for a specified period, often billed at regular intervals.

Best Used for: Consistent, extended access to services, creating a reliable and convenient experience. Most businesses attempt to draw everyone to their membership. This is great for you as it's consistent revenue across the board.

Intro Offer:

Definition: An intro offer is a special pricing option designed to attract new clients. It allows them to experience your services at a reduced rate for a limited time,

Best Used For: New clients. It helps encourages them to explore your different offerings and the value before committing to another plan.

Payment Plan:

Definition: A payment plan is a flexible pricing option that enables clients to divide the total cost of a package or subscription into manageable installments.

Best Used For: Make your offerings or high ticket items more accessible to a wider audience. These are great for teacher trainings, retreats and high ticket coaching clients.


Definition: A bundle pricing option provides a unique and customizable approach, allowing clients to mix and match various pricing components to tailor their experience. For instance, a bundle might combine a 10-class package with unlimited livestream classes and additional amenities like a water bottle or access to exclusive workshops. This versatile option grants clients the freedom to create a package that aligns precisely with their fitness or wellness preferences, enhancing their value and satisfaction.

Best Used For: Mixing and matching different quantities of differing services.


  1. Unlimited mat pilates classes with 2x reformer classes per month

  2. Intro offer where the first month of membership comes with 1 nutrition coaching session and a swag back


Definition: A pre-sale pricing option provides early access and discounted rates for upcoming services or packages before they are officially launched.

Best Used for: Generating excitement and securing commitments from clients before either a studio open or a new service that is dropping.

By integrating these versatile pricing options, your fitness or wellness facility can enhance client engagement, satisfaction, and flexibility, meeting diverse preferences and needs.


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