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How to create a subscription / membership
How to create a subscription / membership
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How to Set Up a Subscription

  1. Add New > Subscription

  2. Fill out information:

    1. Make this an intro offer: An intro offer is a package or subscription that can be purchased one time.

    2. Name: Title of the subscription/membership

    3. Description: Details about the subscription/membership - clients will see this, so have some fun with it! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    4. Preview Image: Image attached to the subscription/membership

    5. Type of Subscription: Unlimited or Recurring package

    6. Billing: Set up how the client should be billed and you can enter different intervals (week, month, quarter, half year, year)

    7. Price: The cost of the subscription/membership

    8. Redeemable for: What the client can use this subscription/membership to redeem - All Livestream Classes, All In-Person Classes, all On Demand Videos, All Private Sessions - you can select more than one

    9. Advanced Access Settings: Additional fields about the subscription's access and visibility - Apply to specific class templates, apply to specific on-demand categories, apply to specific locations, includes communities, maximum number of purchases, any booking restrictions

    10. Video Library Bonus Add-On: Allow clients to have access to additional on-demand categories

    11. Billing Options: Additional options to tailor how the subscription/membership will bill the client - Initial set up fee, run on auto-pay, when will clients first be billed, number of billing cycles, minimum billing cycles, how credits should/shouldn't reset with every billing cycle, allow cancellations online, allow subscription to be paused and set a "paused" price, include Communities, maximum number of purchases, booking restrictions

    12. Agreement Terms & Client Communications: Confirmation email, confirmation page message, agreement terms

    13. Hidden: Hid the subscription so it is not listed on your pricing page. Only students with a direct link to purchase this offering will be able to access it

    14. Show in dashboard point of sale: Subscription/membership is visible in POS

Hot Tips๐Ÿ”ฅ

  • Intro-offers are great for offering new students an opportunity to try your services OR a chance for existing clients to try a different service or test potential membership packages. Click here to read more about intro-offers!

  • You can do a bonus add-on for clients and allow access to additional on-demand categories under "Video Library Bonus Add-On"

  • You can use the Initial setup fee for your subscription under Billing Options if you require a one-time fee for signing up for the subscription

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