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Build a community forum
Build a community forum

Create a way for your customers to engage with one another!

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Build a private space for your Members to communicate and connect directly from you website.

Forums are great for many reasons:

  • Allow members to communicate with one another

  • Increase motivation + accountability

  • Help engagement

  • Learn feedback from your client's wants and needs,

This forum is similar to that of Facebook Groups or Mighty Networks. Te difference with this is that it's protected by a paywall, only accessible to who you'd like it to be and inside of your website!

Our forums can be a paid product, included within a challenge or other community, or included in your subscription.

How to turn on a forum

Communities tab --> Settings --> Check the box "Video Commenting"

What does it look like for my customers

The forum is a list of posts in which any client can comment and add a reply to the comment.

Forum with comments

Sample post with a reply

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