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Sign Up Forms
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What is a Sign Up Form in Arketa?

A sign-up form in Arketa is a tool designed to collect email subscribers from various online platforms, including websites, blogs, online stores, and social media like Instagram. It enables you to engage with your target audience wherever they interact with your content.

Benefits of Sign Up Forms

Utilizing a sign-up form in Arketa is great for building and expanding your email subscriber base. This approach allows you to connect with your audience seamlessly, fostering relationships and increasing engagement. Using sign up forms allows you to convert website visits into newsletter subscribers moving them further down the marketing funnel.

How to Build a Sign-Up Form in Arketa?

Note: You must have the Arketa Marketing Suite to use this feature. Please live chat us to learn more!

  1. Select your favorite colors and fonts and click "Save Changes".

We recommend configuring your colors and fonts to align with your brand identity and website, ensuring a visually appealing design.

3. Copy and paste the embed code directly inside of your website.

Forget how to embed? No worries! You can learn how to embed Arketa here.

What does it look like?

Below is a preview of what the form will look like once added to your website!

What happens next?

After embedding the form, customers who opt into email are added to your Arketa dashboard - congrats they are now a client! πŸŽ‰

We recommend building out a "New Account" email them to welcome them to your newsletter or email list by going to "Marketing --> Emails"

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if they are already a client?

If a customer is already a client, we will not add them twice.

Will I be notified every time this form is filled out?

At this time, you will not be notified but you can always check your dashboard to see new clients that have been added!

Can I build custom pop-ups or landing pages for these forms?

Not at this time but coming soon! 😊

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