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Collecting Reviews and Testimonials
Collecting Reviews and Testimonials
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Standard Review Process

Our software automatically sends post-class emails, prompting clients to provide testimonials. These testimonials are showcased in your dashboard, offering genuine insights that you can use to display on your website and in other marketing materials. We recommend you place your favorites on your website as it's great social proof of how incredible your classes are.

How do I collect reviews with my own link

If you would like to send a URL to clients on your own URL below is the link:



⭐️ Google Reviews Integration

With Arketa, you can now connect google reviews to your review flow. After a client writes your studio a review, you can ask your client to post this review to google.

You can learn more about how to integrate integration here.

Frequently asked questions

Can I turn these off?

Sure! Send us a live chat!

If the email is turned off, can I still use the URL?


Where do testimonials show up?

Only inside of your dashboard!

Where will my Google reviews who up?

In your Google business profile?

Where do 1-3 star reviews show up?

Any review below 4 stars appears as direct feedback to you as the instructor. It is privately kept in your dashboard. When you receive any sort of negative feedback, we recommend you reach out to the client directly to learn more and improve for next time.

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