Referrals are one of the strongest channels for marketing and growth! In order to help support your success, you can now activate a referral program to reward your loyal customers for sharing your business with new students.

How it Works: When activated, all of your students will be provided with a special link. When their friends join class for the first time using either a link or promo code, both of them will receive a $$ bonus.

How does the person who refers receive credit: They will have credit automatically applied to their next subscription renewal (if they are a subscriber). If not, the credit will be automatically applied to their account during their next purchase.

Note: Referral links will only work for new clients.

How to set-up your referral program

From the Tab Marketing + Promos --> Tap on referral.

  1. Activate your referral program

  2. Determine the reward amount

  3. Choose which products + services the program applies to

How your clients can share the referral program

  1. Booking Confirmation Page: Clients can copy + paste the link or share via social media after booking a class

2. In the upper right hand corner of your widget

  1. Tap on refer a friend

  2. Copy + paste link to share with friends

3. Your booking confirmation emails

4. Share directly with your clients from your dashboard

How students redeem the referral link

Once a new student uses the referral link, the code will automatically be applied at checkout.

Best Practices ๐Ÿ’ก

  1. Encourage referrals after class: Remind your students after class that you have a referral program. The most likely time that your students refer is when they are happy!

  2. Share your affiliate link/promo code with friends + brands: You can manually add brands, friends, and influencers to your client list and give them a promo code to share with their network. This is great for brand partnerships too so you can track success metrics.

  3. Weekly Email: Your weekly email is a great time to let your students know you have a referral program and to thank them for their generosity in supporting your business.

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