1. Create your categories

Add some categories so that your customers can view your videos in a carousel list view.

2. Upload your Content

  1. Click on the tab On-Demand

  2. Click on "Add New"

  3. Add description

  4. Set filters for your video

  5. Add pricing for a single video

• Name

• Preview Image

• File (.mp4 and .mov supported)

• Description

3. Set Pricing for a Single Video

By default videos are set to $10 for 24 hour rental period.

You can allow for one or all of the pricing options listed below for a single video. To create a package or subscription of videos you can set up a package or membership.

Allow users to buy - Customers can view the video forever or until the expiration date

Allow users to rent - Customers can view the during the rental period

Drop-in/Rental Only - This video is excluded from all package/membership options

All boxes unchecked - This video is available for package/subscription options only

4. Order your categories + videos within the library

You can reorder categories as they appear on your library simply by dragging and dropping the order they appear on the screen.

Tap into the category to re-order your videos

5. Preview Video Library

Copy + paste the share library link into another browser.

Common Questions

Can I offer videos for free to students who sign up for class?

Yes: If you connect a video to a previously class it will be available to all of your students until it expires.

Can I attach a document to my videos?

Yes! Under the second file you can add a PDF, mp3 etc. that is only available to your students.

How large should my preview image be?

Recommended size is 637×333 pixels (16:9)

What kind of files do you support?

Any type of .mov or .mp4

What is the limit to file size for my videos?

5GB. Video too big? Use Handbreak to compress the file and maintain quality.

You can learn how to use Handbreak here.

I need a filter that isn't listed

Feel free to add any of your own filters in the custom filters section.

4. Add Filters (optional)

5. Add Pricing Options

Note: If you tag a video as a "Video Rental" subscribers will still have access to these videos for as long as they are a subscriber.

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