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Upload a video
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  1. Gp to Beyond Classes --> On Demand Video

  1. Click on Add New and Video and upload the following fields and click Save


  1. Class (optional) Note: Allows you to pull over details from a class class. Class attendees will be able to access this recording until the expiration date.

  2. Name

  3. Instructor (who taught the class)* For studios only

  4. Preview Image

  5. Type of video Video file, Youtube or Vimeo Link

  6. File

  7. Playlist link: Share a Spotify or apple music preview

  8. Description

  9. Digital download: Allows you to upload a PDF or other link below the video

Categories & Filters

  1. Categories - Allows you to build horizontal carousels of your videos for easier playing. Add it here.

  2. Filters

    1. Workout type

    2. Body focus

    3. Intensity

    4. Equipment

    5. Duration

    6. Custom filters - great for anything else at all

Pricing & Configuration

  1. Allow users to buy - drop-in purchase price

  2. Allow users to rent - drop-in rental price

    1. Rental Period: How long students can rent the content for. After the period ends the video will lock.

  3. Subscription only - un-check the allow users to buy, rent or drop in only boxes

4. Drop-in / Rental Only - packages + subscriptions not eligible for purchase

5. Creation date - if you post this in the future it won't post until a future date

6. Hide date - will hide the date on the video library

7. Expiration date - date the video pulls from your library

8. Hidden - hides video from the library

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my videos uploading slowly

Video upload speed is based on internet speed and video size. You can learn more about it here.

My video file size is too big!

No worries, you can reduce the file size by following instructions here!

I film on an iPhone or external camera for higher quality videos. How can I avoid playback issues?

We recommend processing your videos before uploading them to your OD library especially if you are filming on a mobile phone or professional camera. Video is complicated and you can be proactive by compressing first. We like Handbrake because it is free, fast and user friendly. If you have a question about how big the video file should be or type of file then please ask us in chat before you upload all your videos to avoid problems down the road.

How do I hide the date on my video library?

Check the box "Hidden" (image above) and click save changes.

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