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Create and manage video categories
Create and manage video categories
Updated over a week ago
  1. Click Add New --> Category

  2. Add name, description, preview image and click Save Changes.

Hidden categories: on your website will not appear and only display with a direct link.

Featured category: Pulls the category to the top for the On-Demand Library with Featured Categories view.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a category?

Categories help you better organize your video content. Each category is a carousel that lives inside of the library. For example "weekly schedule" and "new? start here" are both categories.

How do I reorder a category?

  1. Go to Beyond Classes --> On-Demand Video --> Categories

  2. Drag and drop using the drag icon to the far left :: to reorder your categories from top to bottom

How to upload a video

You can follow the directions here.

How do I add a video to a category

  1. When adding or editing a video go to Categories and filters

  2. Select the dropdown to choose a single category or multiple categories

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