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What's the Difference Between Videos, Collections and Categories?
What's the Difference Between Videos, Collections and Categories?
Updated over a week ago

Videos: Individual video content pieces.

Collections: Multiple video contents grouped together. This can include programs, short clips that can be stacked together or any combination.

Categories: The broadest option and carousel featured on your website, capable of accommodating either individual videos or collections of videos.

⭐️ New Collections: Allow you the ability to organize and present videos as a series. This grouping can be based on similar subjects or a specific viewing order, whether it's a structured 10-day yoga course or series or short videos that can be played into a stack.

Categories function as genres or different segments for your content, allowing customers in easily identifying the type of content on your library. Similar to how movies are categorized as comedy, documentaries, or rom-com, you can organize videos into easily to understand segments such as

  • Recommended workouts

  • Weekly schedule

  • Sculpt, flow, stretch, meditate (workout type)

  • Popular classes

  • 7 day series

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