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Schedule a video to post in the future
Schedule a video to post in the future
Updated over a week ago

You can schedule videos to release at a later date.

This is great if you're going on vacation or would like to make it look like you're uploading new content all of the time even if you rerecord it all at once.

How to Edit Release Date of a Video

When either

  1. Adding a new video On-Demand --> Add New

  2. Editing a current video On Demand Tab --> Edit Pencil Icon

Open Pricing + Configuration to edit the creation date to be at a date in the future. Setting the video to release at a future date will launch the video onto your library at 12am the date you set the video to drop.

All videos set to post in the future will have an indication tag to the right of the video sharing the date and time the video will be displayed. Once a video goes live, the status will update to Live.

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