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Is there a size or storage limit?
Updated over a week ago

To ensure a premium viewing experience with your clients we allow unlimited videos. Arketa's max size per video to 5GB per video. For an hour fitness class, most videos should be under this file size but if you are using premium video tools you may need to reduce the file size.

Why are my files too large?

Often times video files contain extra data that is not needed to play on the web. This is due to 3rd party editing tools or high end camera. There are a few ways to decrease your file size while ensuring a great client experience.

  • Record at 30 frames per second

  • Record in 1080p instead of 4K. It doesn't matter as much how good your video quality is if your sound quality is on point. Students will not notice the difference between 1080p and 4K when they're on their 3rd round of burpees or in downward facing dog.

  • Still too large? Use this tool "Handbrake" to decrease your file size without decreasing quality. Click here

How to reduce file sizes using Handbreak if your video is too large

This tool will allow you to reduce the file size of your video without loosing quality. This is best for those who choose to use third party editing tools that may increase your file size.

  1. Download Handbrake

  2. Choose video file

  3. See recommended settings below

  4. press start

Watch the video below for a walkthrough !

Are you looking for increased Storage or Premium 4K video?

To ensure an optimal streaming experience for all customers, Arketa has taken steps to enhance its video hosting, storage, and streaming services. By addressing the concerns related to lag and delays caused by poor WiFi, Arketa now offers a premium video hosting solution through a partnership with Mux, a reliable third-party platform.

Previously, Arketa provided a cost-effective option for video storage by offering a version of videos that did not undergo encoding or transcoding processes. However, this approach resulted in large video files that could be challenging to play smoothly on devices with slow internet connections, affecting users who uploaded large files or had international clients with limited WiFi access.

To maintain a high quality standard, Arketa has integrated Mux's advanced features into its services. With Mux, Arketa can now stream videos at any quality, allowing them to optimize the streaming experience for users with poor internet connections. Mux employs adaptive streaming technology, automatically adjusting the video quality based on the viewer's internet speed. This capability enables Arketa to deliver lower-quality video streams to users with slow WiFi, ensuring seamless playback and a better overall user experience.

By leveraging Mux's platform, Arketa can now offer improved video hosting, storage, and streaming services while catering to the diverse needs of its customers, regardless of their internet connection quality.

Please live chat us to learn more about Mux costs and how we can get this set up for you!

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