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Premium Video Storage - Add-On

Why should I upgrade to premium video stroage?

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What is Premium Video Storage?

Premium Video Storage is your ticket to an exciting world of on-demand streaming content, making your business more accessible to a broader audience. It's a massive upgrade, but keep in mind, as your clients revel in this accessibility, they'll naturally expect flawless video playback wherever they go – be it the middle of a desert, the top of a mountain or in the basement of a gym.

Now, considering you can't dictate the quality of your client's Wi-Fi signal, location or device type - that's where Mux steps in – adding a touch of magic to ensure your video experience remains top-notch, regardless of the viewing location.

Doesn't Arketa Already offer unlimited free video storage?

Absolutely! Arketa is committed to offering affordable video storage solutions. We have a special option where videos skip the encoding or transcoding process, making it a cost-effective choice, especially for our partners using Zoom for streaming. However, it's essential to note that this method does not account for larger video files. While it works seamlessly for most users, those with slower internet connections or international clients might experience challenges with smooth playback. We recommend considering this when dealing with premium videos or in situations with limited WiFi access.

How can I ensure my video works flawlessly as I scale?

We've teamed up with Mux. Mux takes your videos from pretty good to mind-blowing. How? With some super cool tech that adjusts video quality. Imagine smooth playback, even when your signal's a bit wonky. Mux employs adaptive streaming technology, automatically adjusting the video quality based on the viewer's internet speed.

How are video platforms like Youtube free?

YouTube operates on an ad-based model. By running ads on videos, they generate revenue, enabling them to cover the high costs associated with video hosting and streaming, making the platform free for users.

Why is video so expensive?

We totally get it – free would be fantastic! However, making videos available involves a few steps like uploading, transcoding, encoding, and storage, all of which come with their own costs. To keep things running smoothly and ensure we're here for the long haul, we've set up a model where these costs are transparently passed on to you. It helps us build a sustainable and awesome platform!

Mux is right for me if any of these are true:

  • Your business heavily relies on on-demand streaming content.

  • You own a branded mobile app integrated with Arketa.

  • You have a substantial client base actively streaming your content.

  • Your customers do not use iPhones with the latest technology.

  • Your goal is to scale video globally, anticipating challenges like clients with unreliable wifi.

  • You cater to an international audience or plan to expand your marketing efforts globally.

  • Your video files are large; while Arketa's standard upload size is 4.5GB, Mux allows up to 10GB.

  • You record with a custom device other than Zoom (e.g., a video camera or shoot in 4K on your iPhone).

  • Your plans involve scaling with a new app, anticipating diverse wifi issues with a larger client base.

  • You are currently facing any video lag time or related issues.

Can you Mux my old videos?

Sure! Send us a live chat.

How much is mux?

Send us a live chat!

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