1. Add Community

2. Upload Content

3. Add Pricing + Set Live

4. Share with your community!

  1. Direct purchase link

2. Embed single E-book

From the settings tab of your community.

3. Embed all of your active communities under settings --> public page

Common FAQS:

How do I order multiple resources.

Resources can be sorted by creation date. They are sorted from newest --> oldest.

Can I include a digital download as a part of my membership

Yes! Edit the package/membership to include the digital download under advanced settings --> includes communities.

Can I add video content to my digital download?

Yes! Feel free to use another template in the communities tab such as the Digital Program/PDF Bundle.

How do my members access my E-book

The direct purchase link is the same link as the access link so they can come back anytime to the page you sold them the e-book to access their purchase.

Have your students log in the upper right hand corner of your widget and tapping onto the purchases tab.

  1. Login

2. Tap on view

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip(s): Add a custom confirmation email + bulletin board

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