Promo Codes : "How to"

With great power comes great responsibility!

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Promo codes are a great way to share free classes, offer holiday discounts, and so so so much more!!!

But with great promo code power comes great responsibility. You must create promo codes in the way you want them to be used.

Watch the video below before you get started :)


How do I offer a first-class free promo?

  • Create a code so that "Each student can use this once". Then offer a 100% discount on Live Classes, or whichever class you would like. Careful, if you make this available for all products & services, then students will get a 100% discount on everything!

How does a promo code work with subscriptions?

  • Percentage discount promos will discount subscriptions FOREVER. If you would like to only discount the first month, please use an "intro offer" or "amount" discount. So if you have a 25% discount code on a $100 monthly subscription, then students will be locked into a $75/month subscription

  • Amount discount promos will apply a 1-time credit to a student's account. So if you offer a $50 discount on a $100 subscription, then the first month will be $50, and then the second month will be $100. But if you offer a $50 discount on a $25 subscription, then the first month will be free, the second month will be free, and then the third month will be $25.

When do promo codes expire?

Promo codes expire at 11:59pm (of your timezone you create the code in).

Example if you select November 4th and are in Los Angeles, California the code expires at 11:59pm PT.

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