Getting Started - Launch Checklist

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Learn the basics of arketa! 🥳

This playbook is outline all the steps needed to set you up for success!

Use this template below to keep track of your progress and bring with you to arketa Onboarding calls / group office hours.

    • Add your page name

    • Set up your profile picture

    • Set add your scheduling URL

    • Brand logo

    • Email Timezone settings

    • Add standard confirmation email

    • Set standard cancellation policy

    • Add liability waiver

    • Create Categories

    • Upload Videos

    • Add Filters

    • Set Pricing: One-time Purchases, Rentals, Package, Subscriptions

  1. Build a Community (course, program, retreat etc.)

    1. Course

    2. Program

    3. Retreat

    4. Membership Club

  2. Set Pricing Options for Packages + Memberships

  3. Marketing

  4. Launch

    • Share page on Instagram, social media

    • Integrate inside of your website

Once completed, check out this article here to test everything before you launch.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out by live chatting us right through your dashboard or attend an onboarding session here.

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