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Creating a Push Notification in Broadcasts
Creating a Push Notification in Broadcasts
Updated over a week ago

You can set up a push notification to go to clients in through Arketa's Broadcasting feature πŸŽ‰

  1. Go to Marketing > Broadcasts and select Create Broadcast

  2. Under settings you will:

    1. Enter the name of the Campaign

    2. Select the communication type - push notification or email

    3. Select who this campaign should go to - you can select All Customers or select a segment or tag to email specific customers 😊

  3. Next, you can set a Goal:

    1. If you do set a goal, you can track if a client signs up or purchases based on this Broadcast. It's a great way to measure the success of the message!

  4. Content is the next super fun section! You can:

    1. Add in the title and content of the message and see how it would look at the right-hand side

    2. Select a link where clients can be sent after they click on the notification (Home page, Library, Community, and so much more!)

  5. The last step is reviewing your push-notification! From here you can:

    1. Schedule the push notification

    2. Test the push notification

  6. When you're ready, click on Send Broadcast πŸ₯³

Video walk thru:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why aren't my clients receiving push notifications?

Clients do need to opt into push notifications from their side! They will be alerted on their phone each time they take a class to opt into push notifications. Clients must also be logged into their account in order to receive the notification

Where can I see if a client has opted into push notifications?

You can check if a client is opted in by going to Clients > searching the client name > click on their profile > scroll down to Preferences

Why can't I see how many clients receive push notifications?

When you create and send push notifications, you will see an approximate count. Your clients have the option to "allow" or "don't allow" push notifications from your app. This is a required iOS and Android system setting, and a client's choice. iOS and Android do this intentionally to give app clients the option of controlling their attention and amount of received push notifications. Clients who "don't allow" push notifications will not receive push notifications. For user privacy purposes, there is no way for your app, or Arketa, to see this information, and reflect it in this count as an exact count.

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