How to create an email campaign
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Create an email

  1. Click on "New Campaign"

  2. Add in the following fields

    • Name of email campaign: This is how you can search for the campaign once created later

    • Send to: Define the segment of customers to send this email

    • Subject line: The subject of your email

    • Sender name: The name of who the email will come from in the heading of the email

    • Sender address: The email address that the email and reply to will be sent to.

  3. Open the message drawer and select either a plain text, drag and drop or HTML format

  4. Schedule or send your email!

Don't see a segment you're looking for? Submit a segment idea via live chat or via the? at the bottom left hand corner of your screen 😊

Segment Types

Segment Name


All customers

All customers in your data base who are opted into to email marketing.


Customers who have never purchased a membership.

Intro offer

All customers with an active introductory offer.

Bought membership in past 7 days

All customers who have purchased a membership within the past 7 days.


All current members including trial customers.

Active member

All current members not including trial customers.


All members who have not booked a class in the past 30 days.

How to sent a test email

  1. Select send a test email

  2. Select the emails to send the test email separated by a comma

  3. Click "Send Email"

How to schedule an email campaign

  1. Select schedule

  2. Choose date and time to send the email campaign

  3. Save campaign

  4. Click "Save"

You can edit or unschedule the campaign once saved.

How to save a draft campaign

While building out your campaign you can save it at any time by selecting on "Save Campaign" in the upper right hand corner.

How to edit or duplicate a campaign

You can search and filter your campaigns in the "Marketing Campaigns" tab of the dashboard. Hover over actions to edit or duplicate a campaign.

Duplicating a campaign is a great way to re-use a prior email template.

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