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If you have a physical brick and mortar this section allows you to customize rooms to best customize scheduling and card terminals.

How to create location

  1. "Add New"

  2. Select location name and select "Create"

How to update location details

Once a location is created you can add the following details. Currently these details do not display anywhere publicly.

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Tax rate: This tax rate will apply to all goods and services sold at this location in POS (optional)

  • Gym check-in capacity this is only for brick and mortar gyms with open floor. Please message us directly to set this up.

  • Descriptions

How to set location hours

Add the following fields

  1. Availability timezone - Use this to set the timezone of the location

  2. Start time increments - Refer to the specific intervals or divisions used to schedule appointment start times. These increments determine how appointments are scheduled and at what regular intervals they can be booked throughout the day. For example, if the start time increment is set to 30 minutes, appointments can be scheduled to start at the top of each hour and half-hour (e.g., 9:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 10:00 AM, etc.).

  3. Services - select the services that this team member offers

  4. Weekly hours - determines this team member's normal schedule

  5. Overrides - is the section that overrides the Regular Weekly Hours. With this feature, you can manually adjust or block specific dates and times on their schedule, overriding the default availability settings. This can be useful in various scenarios where the standard availability needs to be modified for specific events or circumstances. You can learn more about setting these up here.

How to set location's unassigned availability

Check the box if you'd like customers to be able to book appointments without any consideration around instructor availability. This is great if a staff member behind the desk prefers to schedule appointments after the booking is complete.

How to create and manage rooms

  1. From the location

  2. Go to Rooms tab

3. "Add new room"

4. Add room name and what services can be booked in this room and select "Save details"

How to re-order rooms

Drag and drop rooms to reorder them. They are ordered from top --> bottom, left --> right.

How to set up payment terminal

You can learn more about how to set up a payment terminal here.

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