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Team member availability

Set up what time(s) each team member is free for a private session

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Both you and your team members can set up availability. This is great for

  1. Students booking in via your private scheduler

  2. Blocking off the calendar if you are quickly booking an instructor behind the desk

How to set up team member availability

  1. Tap on the tab "Availability"

  2. Set up

    1. Timezone

    2. Start time increments

    3. Services offered by this team member

    4. Hours of availability

  3. Click "Save changes"

How to send team member availability to customers

  1. Click "Share links"

3. Share "Private Availability Direct Link" as a direct link to book or select one of the other embed options

How to view team member availability when booking behind the desk

  1. Grey background: Indicated the instructor is set to unavailable. This is either due to instructor availability or business hours.

  2. White background: Indicates the instructor is set to available

How instructors can edit or set up their own availability

  1. Go to "Home"

  2. Tap on "Edit Availability"

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