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Studios - How to set up team member availability
Studios - How to set up team member availability
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πŸ’‘ Please Note: This feature is only available on studio plans. To learn more send us a live chat!

If you offer services in which a team member is involved such as private training, pilates or Reiki you can set up the hours in which each team member is available. Each team member can also manage their own availability by logging into their dashboard.

This ensures that clients can book appointments with the right team members based on their individual schedules.

How to set up team member availability

  1. Tap on team member

  2. Go to availability

  3. Add the following fields

    1. Availability timezone - Use this to set the timezone of the location

    2. Start time increments - Refer to the specific intervals or divisions used to schedule appointment start times. These increments determine how appointments are scheduled and at what regular intervals they can be booked throughout the day. For example, if the start time increment is set to 30 minutes, appointments can be scheduled to start at the top of each hour and half-hour (e.g., 9:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 10:00 AM, etc.).

    3. Services - select the services that this team member offers

    4. Weekly hours - determines this team member's normal schedule

    5. Overrides - is the section that overrides the Regular Weekly Hours. With this feature, you can manually adjust or block specific dates and times on their schedule, overriding the default availability settings. This can be useful in various scenarios where the standard availability needs to be modified for specific events or circumstances. You can learn more about setting these up here.

How each team member can manage their own availability

  1. Go to the homepage of the dashboard

  2. On the right hand side tap on Edit Availability

  3. Make changes and press Save Changes

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