Troubleshooting availability
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Are your appointment time(s) not displaying as you'd like them to? We're here to help! Below is a quick checklist of ways to troubleshoot your calendar.

If you are still running into issues send us a live chat and we can help you :)

  1. Scheduling Conflicts: Customers might be attempting to book appointments during times that have been marked as unavailable. The most common reasons for this are

    • Pre-existing appointments

    • Blocked time slots

    • Unavailable business hours.

  2. Room or Resource Unavailability: If a specific room or resource required for a class or appointment is already booked or unavailable, it will not be shown as available for new bookings during that time.

  3. Instructor Availability: If the fitness instructor or trainer needed for a particular session is not available at the selected time, the availability for that session will not be displayed to customers.

  4. Service Availability: While the room is available, you have not set up the service that you are trying to book to be offered in that specific room.

  5. Time Zone Issues: Scheduling was set up in the wrong timezone setting.

  6. Booking Windows: If you have set up limited booking window, customers may not see availability beyond a certain time frame.

  7. Special Events or Holidays: Availability may be modified or restricted during special events, holidays, or facility maintenance periods.

  8. Customer Membership or Access: Some availability might be reserved for specific membership levels or restricted to certain groups of customers.

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