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Studios - How to set up rooms and resources
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๐Ÿ’ก Please Note: This feature is only available on studio plans. To learn more send us a live chat!

What is a room and resource

Room: This refers to a designated physical area within a fitness facility where specific classes or appointments take place. These rooms are designed to accommodate different types of fitness sessions, such as yoga studios, cycling rooms, dance floors, or open gyms in addition to saunas, ice baths and cold plunges.

Resource: In fitness booking software, a "resource" represents any equipment, instructor, or special tool needed to conduct a successful fitness session. Resources can include items like yoga mat spot selection, bike selection for cycling studios etc.

How to add rooms

  1. Go to Settings --> Locations and tap into location

  2. Click on the Rooms tab on the top of the screen

  3. Select Add New Room and add the following details

    • Name Name of room such as Studio 1, Sun room etc.

    • Description To help you remember the purpose of this room

    • Capacity How many spots this room can fill. Note (used for cycling only)

    • Room usage Determines which services can be booked in this room

    • Group classes Is more specific as it relates to which types of classes

    • Appointments Same as above, allows you to be more specific

How to modify room

Hover over "Actions" to either Edit or Delete any room.

How to order rooms

You can order rooms on the calendar by dragging and dropping the room. Rooms are ordered top to boom --> left to right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an unassigned room?

Yes! Each calendar does have an Unassigned room by default in the case that you would like to offer livestream appointments or book someone in before deciding which room they will be in.

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