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What is an override
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What is a date override

Date override is the section that overrides the Regular Weekly Hours. With this feature, you can manually adjust or block specific dates and times on their schedule, overriding the default availability settings. This can be useful in various scenarios where the standard availability needs to be modified for specific events or circumstances.

This is great if you have special events or things that come up in every day life.

How to create an override

To create a date override, you would select the desired date(s) and time(s) that you want to modify on the calendar. You can choose to block off certain slots, making them unavailable for booking, or you could set specific times when appointments can be scheduled, even if they fall outside the regular availability.

Unavailable all day - will block off your full availability for the day.

Only available between: If you have different hours entered for a special event such as Monday, April 14th in the Override Hours, those will override your regular Monday hours for only April 14th.

How to erase a date override

Tap the "trash can" next to the date override.

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