Custom fields on client profile
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As a business owner, you can create custom fields to keep track of information about your customers such as shoe size (great for cycling studio), clothing size if they are pre-post natal, and more.

  1. Fill out the information

  2. Click "Add field"

Once added, this information can be edited by the business owner in the client profile or if you "Ask in account settings" it can be edited by the customer in the account profile.

If you add a Tag name + color, it will show up on the class check-in screen as well!

Where do custom fields display

  1. When creating a new client

2. The booking experience

3. The client profile

Note: You can even highlight these questions to the top of the profile!

4. The class check in screen (if set up as a tag)

Can you edit custom fields

Yes! Inside the client profile, when you go to edit a client you can edit the field. If allowed, client's can also edit their own fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I edit/delete a field? Yes! You can edit/delete any field. If you edit the field, it will not edit the responses of any clients who have already filled it out.

2. Do I need to use custom fields to ask for phone + birthday?

We recommend you ask for the phone and birthday on account creation "Settings --> Required sign up fields" but you can also skip for it on account creation and ask for it upon class or service booking if you prefer.

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