How do invoices work
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What is invoicing

An invoice is a formal document requesting payment for goods or services provided, outlining the details of the transaction.

An invoice can be created by you manually creating on in Beyond Classes --> Invoicing or right before a subscription renewal. An invoice "opens" when you manually send an invoice to a customer or right before a package or subscription is charged.

Every time your customers have a subscription an invoice is created ~1 hour before automated attempts to process the payment through the customer's default payment method charge the invoice.

When are invoices created for my automated subscriptions

Invoices are created about 1 hour before subscriptions are set to renew.

What do the Status' next to the invoices mean?



Possible Actions


The invoice is finalized and awaiting payment.

  1. Send the invoice link to a customer for payment.

  2. Charge the customer for the invoice with a card on file

  3. (For memberships), wait for the invoice to charge on next payment renewal

  4. Manually change the invoice’s status to paid, void, or uncollectible.


This invoice is paid.

No further actions.


This invoice is canceled.

No further actions.


The customer is unlikely to pay the invoice. Normally, you treat it as bad debt in your accounting process.

  1. Update the invoice to paid or void.

How can I charge an "Open" or "Past Due" Invoice

  1. Wait for automatic retry system (subscriptions only)

    If the payment is a subscription, Arketa will automatically retry the invoice 4 times. After the 4th try it will set the invoice to cancel.

2. Send customer invoice to pay manually

2. Select "Send invoice"

3. Manually retry card on file

If a card is on file you can select from the following payment options.

4. Collect payment outside the system and "Mark as paid"

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