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Blocking off unavailable time
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What is a Time Block

Time Blocking is a powerful feature that allows business owners to create individual or multiple time blocks in their calendar. These blocks serve as dedicated segments of time during which appointments cannot be scheduled. You can can also add notes to specify the reasons for blocking these time slots, helping them remember the purpose behind each block. This prevents accidental overbooking and allowing you to stay organized.

How do Time Blocks affect client bookings?

When clients attempt to book appointments online, any time blocks you've created will not appear as available options. This ensures that clients can only select from the times you've designated for bookings.

How to add a single time block

  1. Go to your Appointments Calendar

  2. Toggle set as unavailable

  3. Add a note to remind yourself why you are blocking off the time

  4. Create time block

Once created, the block will appear in Grey as pictured below.

How to add recurring time blocks

  1. Go to your Appointments Calendar

  2. Toggle set as unavailable

  3. Select make recurring appointment

  4. Choose how often you would like the time block to repeat

  5. Use the trash cans to remove any single time blocks you'd like

  6. Select create time block

How to edit/delete time blocks

  1. Tap on time block

  2. Select Delete time block

If you have multiple time blocks you can either select a single time block or all future time blocks.

How to tell if a time block is recurring?

If an time block is recurring there will be an icon next to the name.

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