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Create a recurring appointment
Updated over a week ago

You have the flexibility to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly recurring appointments for customers seeking consistent bookings at a fixed time, on a particular day, and with their preferred employee. This is a great way to prebook customers in advance for a session and ensure that they keep coming back!

A few things to note

  • When booking clients in recurring reservations we only pull the pricing option for the first booking

  • Recurring reservations can repeat for up to one year from the first appointment's date.

  • You can edit either a single recurring reservation or all future recurring reservations

How to build a recurring appointment

  1. Go to Appointments calendar

  2. Drag and drop to build an appointment and select make recurring appointment

  3. Choose how often the appointment should repeat and add up to 52 slots

  4. Feel free to use the trash can icons to remove specific dates

  5. Click on Book Appointment to finish building session

Modifying a recurring appointment

You can mass edit + delete appointments

To cancel or delete an appointment you can select either a single appointment or all appointments

You can edit or modify a single room at a time

To edit or modify a room or time at this time you will need to edit each appointment individually

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