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Calendar colors and icons
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How to turn on settings

  1. Toggle the "Enable" to turn on tracking the status or icon

Status Tracking

Enable this setting if you would like to track if a client is inside of the location or has left the building for their session. Great for those who need to clean up a room post-appointment.

Coloring Options

You can now color your appointment blocks by either Status or Class/Appointment Type.

Color by Status: Appointment blocks on the calendar will be colored according to status.

Color by Class/Appointment Type: These can be individually modified within each individual class or appointment.

Icon Options

You can add icons to each of your appointment blocks to customize the experience.


Clients with an active membership

First Visit

Indicates a client's first booking


Any client with an unpaid session

Subscription Failed

A client with a subscription failure

Check-In Note

Clients with check-in notes on their account


Clients with an injury on the account

Incomplete Forms / Liability Waiver

Client with incomplete waiver or form

Recurring Appointment

Indicates the appointment is recurring


The client's birthday falls within the current month


The session is livestream i.e online

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