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iphone video recording settings
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Here are a few ways to make sure you're set up for recording on your iPhone. If you're having issues, jump down to the FAQs at the bottom of the page

  1. Optimal settings for iPhone recording

  • HD • 30 Frames per seconds

  • HD is fantastic quality for any workout class -- sound quality is most important to a kickass on-demand video

2. File type settings for iPhone recording

  • Set to "Most Compatible" Camera Capture Format

  • Settings app => Camera => Formats => "Most Compatible"

3. Still having issues? Export as 1080p using Quicktime on Mac

If you've already recorded the video then let's optimize it using Quicktime

  • Open Video in Quicktime

  • File --> Export As --> 1080p --> Do not select "Use HVEC".

  • If you have the option to select "most compatible" format, please select that option


Help! My students can hear the audio but cannot see the video of my class

  • This is happening because your video file type is not supported by the student's browser. To fix this you can use Quicktime (see section 'c') to export the video as a supported file type.

My video file is too big

Often times video files contain extra data that is not needed to play on the web so there are a few ways to decrease your file size.

  • You can record at 30 frames per second (section 'a') to make the video file smaller -- 60 frames per second is great if you're recording for slow-motion capture however you're probably not doing that for your workout video!

  • You can record in 1080p instead of 4K. It doesn't matter as much how good your video quality is if your sound quality is on point. Students will not notice the difference between 1080p and 4K when they're on their 3rd round of burpees or in downward facing dog.

  • To optimize your video for web, check out this tool "Handbrake" to decrease your file size without decreasing quality. Click here

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