Reusing video content for communities
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You can share video content between your on demand + community portal. This is great if you'd like to use content again for 30 day challenges, specialized programs, 1x1 training.

Instead of having to re-upload content you can easily copy videos between areas.

  1. Tap on the ... button next to any on demand video

  2. Click Duplicate video

  3. Choose the community you would like to copy + send the video to

Note: The community will need to already be created before you can duplicate the video and send it.

Once copied over, the video will now also appear in the community you sent it over to! It will not be removed from your library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer a community video to my on-demand library!

Yes! It works the exact same way as above

Will everything be copied over?

Everything will duplicate about the video including the name, photo, filters etc. The only piece of information that does not transfer over is the category. Therefore you will need to re-create categories.

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