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What reports does Arketa have?
What reports does Arketa have?

A complete list of all reports offer in Arketa

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All reservations for your classes, videos and community classes.

All reservations for your private classes

Students who canceled after the cancelation period or did not show up to class.

All revenue made by the business.

All failed payments from your clients' subscriptions.

How much revenue was made for each class.

All revenue made by the business broken down by category.

How much revenue was made for each package and subscription sold broken down by individual name.

All refunds returned by the business.

A dispute (also known as a chargeback) occurs when a cardholder questions your payment with their card issuer.

Sales taxes collected by the business

Revenue made from retail & e-commerce.

A list of all retail products and their inventory.

How much revenue was made from intro offers.

How many clients have converted from an intro offer to another paid pricing option.

Intro Offers that have expired where the user did not convert.

Intro offers that are active and have not yet converted.

All subscriptions that are currently active.

All subscriptions ever purchased.

All canceled subscriptions.

A list of subscriptions in active trials or first period of their intro offer.

Subscriptions with an outstanding balance.

See which videos are performing best, by total views

Video views report

See which clients have interacted with your business

A list of gift cards that have been created with a balance status.

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