Pricing options on Mobile Apps

Learn how to customize the pricing options that show up in your app

Updated over a week ago

Video Pricing

When students try to watch videos on your mobile app, you can customize the pricing plans that display for the user.

To update the pricing plans, go to the Mobile App tab on the dashboard and select the pricing options that you'd like to display. They will display in the order that they are added to this field.

Note: right now students can only unlock videos when they have a subscription that includes access to all on-demand videos. The app is designed this way to comply with Apple's AppStore policies around in-app purchases. If we allowed for drop-ins, rentals, class packages, etc. then these payments would be subject to Apple's 30% revenue cut.

Live / In-Person Class Pricing

When students book a class through the mobile app, all normal pricing options apply just like your website/widget.

Note: Unlike videos, we're able to get around Apple's policies with Live/In-Person classes because the services are provided outside of the app (i.e. Zoom, in studio, etc.)

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