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Customizing the Mobile App
Updated over a week ago

You can edit your mobile app tabs and the home page of the app in real-time! 🤩

Content tab:

Home page of the app:

Home page sections



Client milestones

Promo card

Promote upcoming classes, events and more! You can have the image navigate to another section to drive clients to a specific part of the app

Upcoming reservations

Client's upcoming reservations

Top rated

Top rated on-demand videos


Videos that the client has "favorited"

Recently added

Recently added videos

Features preview

The most recently released classes

Tabs on app - choose up to 5:

Tab name


Home page

The landing page of your app. You can customize the information on the Home page


On-demand library


Schedule of classes. You can select to include some or all of the following:
- Group Classes
- Private Appointments
- Events


Active Communities


Posts from you Bulletin Board*


Client account information. It's best to turn on this tab if you have turned off the Home page


Pricing options offered by your business


Retail items available for purchase


Upcoming events

*Make sure you have activated the Bulletin Board under Beyond Classes

Styling tab:

  • App name

  • App description

  • Home page icon

  • Primary Button Color

  • Primary Button Text Color

  • Surface Color

  • Surface Text Color

  • Login Page Background Image

Frequently asked questions:

Q: When do these changes update in the app?

A: These changes will take place immediately! 🤩

Q: Why are the changes not updated in the app yet?

A: Clients must refresh or close and re-open the app to see the changes

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